5 x 3 Daily Dose Of Goodness

Sunday, April 1, 2018

My good friend Petra asked me to share 5 x 3 good things about my life! On days when it looks like spring is nowhere to be seen (what is this -20 C weather?!), it's easy to find the bad and the ugly, so let's for once focus on the GOOD! So here we go...

Three good things about me
  • I get along with people. No matter what your background is I will treat you nice. Respect you. Give you a smile. I am friends with a lot different type of people.
  • I am a good listener. I like to listen to people's trials and triumphs and I am truly interested in their life!
  • I like to encourage others. Whether it's a text, card, gift or words.

Three good things about my day
  • Looking at my son play, reading to him and just watching him discover new things. I am amazed. Every day he learns something new!
  • I got to sleep until 8am! My son has always been waking up super early (5-5.30am) so I am liking this new sleep pattern! 
  • The sun is out and puts my creative mind to work. Impossible feels possible again! 
Three good things about my life
  • Family Near and far <3 We are now a family of three but it is such a blessing to have two other families in out life as well! One in Finland (mine) and another one here in Canada (my husband's). 
  • Friends I am blessed to have friends back in Finland that I still keep in touch with as well as new ones here in Edmonton! I need people around me!
  • Faith I don't know where I would be without Him.

Three good things this year
  • I have been able to visit Finland once this year and will get to go there again next week! 
  • I have been able to stay at home with our son and see him learn and grow. Best full-time job ever!
  • I have been willing to work on myself in areas I have struggled.

Three good things about my blog
  • Standing out as a different type of blog. I created this blog to share life here in Canada.  And how it is to live far from my second home Finland.
  • Being real. Saying things as they are and not sugarcoat them.
  • I am here to inspire others!
Please tell me three good things about yourself! I want to celebrate you!

Pictures taken by my lovely mother last summer when I was in Finland! As you can see, I am trying to bring the summer faster with these photos ;)

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