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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I can't believe that I will have to can start packing our bags later this week and I will get to see my family and friends in Finland NEXT WEEK! I have usually been counting days until we leave for a trip, but this time around, I feel like it really did snuck up on me! I think my son has kept me so busy that I have totally lost track of time! How is it April already?! The weather here in Edmonton sure is nothing like these pictures...

I moved to Canada in May 2013 and I have been back home six times. Some people wonder how I/we can afford to fly that often? My answer is: We have always budgeted for it. Stephen has made it priority number one for me to go. At times I have said I don't need to go, and he has already been blooking the next flight for me. And that makes me feel SO loved! He knows how hard it is to live so far from family (6754km to be exact).

Some of you might also be wondering why am I going again, since I was there just three months ago. Firstly, we found super cheap flights, secondly we want to max out the travelling with our son while he still doesn't cost, thirdly why wouldn't I?!

Flying with our son hasn't been as difficult as I thought it could have been. He has been really good at sleeping on the plane, especially during the six hour fight from Edmonton to Iceland. I am lucky, that it's also an overnight flight both ways and I've often been able to get an extra seat for him! This will be my third time around travelling with him and second time doing it solo. I know some people avoid flying (solo) with their child and I get it. It is not only stressful but tiring! But for our family, it's part of our lives, so we might as well get used to it!

Arriving and departing Finland is always filled with so many emotions. I know it will take me a little while to adjust to the Finnish culture again. It always feels surreal for a little bit. Foreign and familiar at the same time.

Though I LOVE going back home to Finland for a visit, it's also very stressful. Even more stressful with a child. Not to mention when you add jet lag to the mix... The first time I travelled with my son, he got over jet lag in 3-4 days. At Christmas, he didn't get over jet lag until we were leaving! So you never know how things will go. Last time he would go to sleep for maybe 3h, wake up at 11pm and party until 3am and then sleep until 9-10am. This momma was exhausted!

Seeing everyone in Finland is wonderful, but it's just not easy to try and balance family, friends, your child's routines, rest, and just downtime to explore the city etc. It's not that I don't want to see everyone and everything... just two-three weeks is not enough time!

My trip might end up being super planned (or then not) but in the end, I know I will enjoy every minute of it, and all the jet lag will be worth it! 

How do you find travelling? Have you ever lived abroad and gone home for a visit? Does this sound familiar to you?

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